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Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry / The Pawn Shop of Santa Barbara
has been at its present location since July 1993. Our staff of long-time employees are here to assist you with cash loans and purchases. We are committed to serving Santa Barbara and are here to stay for the long haul.

We are a full line Loan & Jewelry (collateral lender) providing cash loans with many thousands of active customers. We make four month loans on collateral for $2.00 to $30,000.00. Almost 90% of our collateral loans are redeemed (picked up), but that leaves us with 10% of the items we must sell to get our money back (most at below wholesale).

We understand that anyone can suffer a cash flow problem and we are here to help. We make loans to help get people on their feet, we never ask why you need the money.

We want to build your confidence in us and to make your visit with us as easy as going to the hardware store.

Open for Business

We sell to dealers as well as walk-in customers.

All of our jewelry is insured and stored in secure vaults.

Many items are also listed on our online store and auction site at ebay. These sites are maintained by our employees as well as our affiliates.

We give a money back guarantee on everything we sell through an auction or from the store. Buy with confidence.

Can items be stolen?

NO, all of our items are cleared by the police department after a four month holding period and before we will loan on an item it is checked out.

Management & Staff

Dan Reynertson


Dan, Manager of Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry, is responsible for the day to day operations. Together with ownership, Dan is also involved in the strategic plan for the present and future direction of the company. Dan joined us in 2019 and has been affectionately known by team members and customers as “Pawn Dude” for over 3 decades. Dan is from the Midwest, where he was part owner of 7 pawn shops for over 30 years. During that time, he was also a Consultant to the pawn industry. Although Dan has knowledge of all pawn shop items, his true passion is jewelry. So, whether you are looking for refurbished or custom design jewelry, Dan is a specialist in the field. Customer service is vital to Dan’s approach to managing the business. Dan trains the team to not only carefully appraise items that clients bring to us, but also takes time to consider the financial needs and history of the client. Honesty and integrity are essential in the pawn shop industry, Dan and our team take pride and insist on these essential values. The team at Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry will work with you to make sure your experience is not only fun and enjoyable, but they will give you the value you deserve and a desire to return. He loves the theme from the old TV show “Cheers”… “where everyone knows your name!”

Jaime Carlos


Jaime, Assistant Manager of Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry, has been a part of our team for over 10 years. Jaime is in charge of our online sales and is our resident computer and electronic expert. With current price fluctuations on items, Jaime works hard at keeping value on our items up to date. Jaime is bilingual and has a long history of being able to meet the needs of our clients, while making them feel at home. Jaime is an integral part of making sure Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry runs smoothly each and every day. He works with the team on promotions and ideas to make Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry is a special place to buy, sell or get a loan. Jaime is an invaluable member of our team, and always strides to treat every customer with the utmost honesty and respect.

Roberto Rodriguez

Roberto has worked for Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry for over 20 years. He is invaluable as our resident expert on tools and related items, in addition to ensuring all merchandise is in perfect condition. Roberto is our own “Energizer Bunny,” as he never slows down! Anything that is asked of Roberto, he is willing to do. Roberto is bilingual and plays a vital role to our Spanish speaking clients. We are very fortunate to have Roberto as a loyal employee of the Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry team.

Selene Robles

Selene has been a part of the Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry team for nearly 18 years. Selene loves working with clients, either determining their needs at the pawn counter, or giving them options to increase their jewelry collection. Selene has a special passion for diamonds and she takes pride in maintaining our jewelry displays and keeping our pricing at excellent value. Selene is also bilingual and rounds out our team at Santa Barbara Loan & Jewelry.

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